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Mt Umber Rambo it Up (Pandemic Disease)

Note that these are the words of Pandemic Disease that he wrote and posted to Line. They are split into pieces that can be easily pasted into Empires and Puzzles Alliance Chat. Note that this one is written for Mount Umber which has red enemies (so some adjustments may be needed for other quests/challenge events).

Go Slow and Rambo Up to complete Mount Umber with an Underpowered Team:

The tactic you want to use is to kill all but one monster in every room and leave the last alive. You can then ghost tiles to the back of the board through the majority of the board where the now dead minions were. Ghosted tiles give double mana (i.e. count as two tiles hitting an enemy for mana building purposes). Fast skills take 8 tiles (4 ghosted) to charge, average skills take 10 and slow take 12.

Go Slow and Rambo Up to Complete Mount Umber with an Underpowered Team (Continued 1):

Keep repeating this tactic and heal all of your heroes to full health. Get all of your damage dealers charged up. Build crystals and bombs with the tiles if you like before you go into the boss room. No problem if its 45 minutes to win you've lurked for longer than that in peer support for tips or general chat just watching and endless stream of rollplaying about polymophing into animals, mooning and massaging people.

Go Slow and Rambo Up to Complete Mount Umber with an Underpowered Team (Continued 2):

1) Color Stack blue. The enimies are red so you want multiple blue to beef up the base strong color attack stat.

2) Damage stackers such as Grimm, Kiril, Ulmer etc. will further increase your tile damage.

3) Nuke the bosses. When you step into the final room Rambo-ed up throw 5 axes, 5 arrows, mana up your strongest hitters and use them repetedly before moving tiles.

Go get that ring!!!

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