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War Stategy

Alliance Wars, General Guidelines

1. Please use all 6 flags. We win when we have a higher participation rate than the other team, we lost the last war by ~300 points, but had many people not fight. This war is on a Saturday, please plan on using all of your flags.

2. Play as a team to win (next message).

AW General Guidelines (2) 3. Try and set up your defense with a strong tank (high defense and high HP) and with a lot of healers. The arrows do a lot of damage and if you can withstand an attack for many turns, you will probably survive. It seems best to have a rainbow team, unless you are combining skills. 4. If you plan on doing a lot of leveling up between now and the start of the war, level up your defense team now, and the other heroes once the war starts.

Alliance Wars, General Guidelines (3)

5. If a healer or Alby is about to pop a special and the battle is a lost cause, you can flee prior to the special going off and (1) get more points and (2) leave a weaker team for the next alliance member to finish. They will start the next battle with ZERO mana.

Play as a team to win We win as a team and lose as a team, the rewards are not better for top player. So lets work together.

Strong players (you know who you are) 1. Those of us with strong teams should pick fights that are winnable, but not assured. A player is probably sandbagging if they clear 6 teams with 6 flags. 2. Strong Teams should focus on killing off tanks and healers.

Play as a Team to win (Strong Players-2) 3. Do not finish up the teams that you have cleared. Let the weaker members of the alliance do that. Strong teams need to clear the tanks and the healers, hopefully the whole team… if not, go to the next target. 4. Watch for highly leveled 4*/5* heroes in the corner when choosing the 3-2-1 team strategy (this has gotten me on the alt account).

Weak Players (Play as a Team to win) 1. IF THEY HAVE ONE HERO TEAMS, do not attack them unless every other team is dead. Wait for a partially defeated team to use those valuable flags on. The one hero team strategy is stupid, but if we bite and attack them, we lose points. 2. Consider the 3-2-1 method or extreme color stacking. 3. Have patience, you can routinely gets the highest war scores by cleaning up after those of us who can’t finish our work. THIS IS IDEAL as we as a team get the most points.

Play as a Team to win (Weak Players -2) 4. There are several 2* heroes that if you take 5 of the same one into a battle against a weakened 5* hero they can kill it. You need 2*’s that attack and then you ghost tiles and hit the 5* hero with specials. This sometimes fails, but worth a try with that precious flag. 5. If you are fix'en to attack a team and need advice, ask on chat, someone will chime in and help. 6. Don't attack any one player teams (yes i know i repeated it, but it is that important... a complete waste of flags)

3-2-1 Strategy This is an explanation but in short (3) strong color heroes, (2) two of another color, (1) healer.

3 heroes that are strong against their tank and/or the harder heroes to kill. Note that color stacking writeup on the website. Stacking one leveled hero with two weak or unleveled hero gets great tile damage. 2 Heroes that are strong against the tank (if the three are for another hero) or these two heroes that are left, the same color and strong.

3-2-1 Stategy (2) 1 Hero that is a healer. Note that for this, I don’t consider Kiril or BoldTusk a Healer individually (though together they count as one healer). The arrows take of either 20% or 25% of your health with each hit, a Healer needs to put a bunch of HP back to be effective. Delilah is different as the minions suck up damage. For specials consider firing a sniper (Marjana) after an attack buffer (Boldtusk) and defense debuffer (Gormek) causes 2x damage.

Team Composition Strategy Specials

I have the 3-2-1 teams that try and include at least one of the each of the following specials in the team.

Healer… stated above, but you need a healer that can put back what those arrows take. Kiril and BoldTusk are awesome, but unless you unleash hell on the opponent, don’t do much against the arrows.

Buff Remover (Melendor, Sabina, Sonya, Caedmon)…. If the team has a perfect reposte or other nasty buff, bring a buff remover.

Team Composition Strategy (2) Defense Debuffer (Valen, Isarna, Tiburtus, etc.) … one of these on each team really helps kill off the openent faster. These heroes are amazing for increasing damage. Color Specific Debuffer. If possible, include my color specific debuffer (Falcon, Jackal, Domitra, etc) Consider Falcon/Gormek/Boldtuck together causes red tiles to hit at almost 5 times the damage Damage increaser (Bold tusk, Kiril, many 2/3* heroes that I don’t know) these guys with a debuffer will help wipe out a team.

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