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Alliance wars (Pandemic Disease)

Note that these are the words of Pandemic Disease that he wrote and posted to Line. They are split into pieces that can be easily pasted into Empires and Puzzles Alliance Chat (Bold text to Bold Text fits). Note that this one was written for Alliance Wars at the very beginning of the roll out (Feb 2018). So some adjustments may be needed as time goes on.

Alliance Wars: General Rules:

1) Your alliance has a 1 day long preparation period during which you can move additional players or war mercs into your alliance.

2) Each player on both sides sets up a defense team. This results in 30 defense teams squared off against 30 defense teams.

Alliance Wars: General Rules (continued 1):

3) When the war begins all players on both sides will be given 3 attacks each (all players also receive an additional 3 attacks 12 hours into the war for a total of 6 attacks). These attacks are received in two blocks of 3 rather than charging like flags for the map, raids or titans.

Alliance Wars: General Rules (continued 2):

4) For all 6 of your attacks you are required to set up teams of up to 5 heroes similar to a normal raid. NONE OF THE 6 TEAMS CAN REUSE A HERO THAT WAS USED ON A PREVIOUS ATTACK TEAM (this is one of the most significant aspects of Alliance Wars as it forces players to use different team compositions and will result in you attacking with partially leveled or unleveled heroes if you have a bench smaller than 30).

Alliance Wars: General Rules (continued 3):

5) Your defense team heroes can all be used once each on attack as well (i.e. placement on the defense team does not constitute an "already used hero.")

6) Life bars and dead heroes on defense teams do not regenerate until the team has been completely eliminated.

Alliance Wars: General Rules (continued 4):

7) Because life bars and dead heroes on defense teams do not regenerate until a team has been completely eliminated. The attackers may soften up a defense team with weaker teams and/or strategize attacks across multiple attack teams.

8) Once a defense team has been completely eliminated it will begin the process of re-spawning. The duration of time a defense team takes to re-spawn gets longer after each time it is completely eliminated.

Alliance Wars: General Rules (continued 5):

9) Every Defense team has a "revenge bar" above their team. Basically the revenge bar takes as many turns to charge as the defense team has living heroes (e.g. a full team takes 5 turns and fires on the 6th turn. last hero standing charges in one turn so it effectively fires every other turn). WHEN THE REVENGE BAR FIRES EVERY SINGLE HERO ON THE ATTACKING TEAM LOSES 25% OF THEIR MAX LIFE IRRESPECTIVE OF DEFENSIVE BUFFS.

Alliance Wars: General Rules (continued 6):

10) Victory in alliance wars is determined on a point system. Both sides are valued at 2,000 points each. These 2,000 points are distributed with more points being allocated to stronger defense teams. This effectively means that there is an unattainable maximum of 12,000 points available to each side (2,000 points × 6 flags) that would require every attacker winning every defense favored raid (remember the revenge bar) 6 times in a row each.


Alliance Wars: Defense Team Composition:

1) When setting up your defense team the power and significance of the revenge bar cannot be overstated. Simply staying alive will result in the attackers eventual death. For this reason, heroes that prevent or slow death in any way are more powerful than in a standard raid (E.G. Justice or Hu's large AoE and blind, Horghall or Zeline's large AoE and attack debuff, Li's large AoE and mana reduction, Viv or Kiril's heal and defense buff etc.)

Alliance Wars: Defense Team Composition (continued 1):

2) As your defense team does not heal or revive after each battle, single shot full team healers (Viv, Kiril, Riguard) and Revive (Alby) are important to keep your defense team in the fight as long as possible. It is highly recommended that you use at least 2 healers if you have the capability to do so without dramatically dropping your team power. It is worth noting that Delilah is built for war both on offense and defense.

Alliance Wars: Defense Team Composition (continued 2):

3) AoE damage is more powerful than during normal raids due to the revenge arrows hitting all attackers frequently.

4) Defenders use powers left to right. Put revive (alby), any damage buff (e.g. Boldtusk, Ares), cure ailments (Riguard) any enemy debuff (e.g. Tib, Falcon, Isaria, Mel, Sabina) to the left. Put direct damage dealers and debuffs that effect enemy attacks (e.g. Azlar, Liana, Joon, Hu, Scarlett etc.) to the right.


Alliance Wars: Attack Team Composition:

1) Remember you need to attack with 30 DIFFERENT HEROES. Concequently, there is a high likelihood that you or some of your team members won't be able to make 6 good teams. You may only have 2 or 3 good teams and a bunch of unleveled heroes that you're planning to get to later. Communicate with your alliance members and let everyone know where you're at. Alliance Wars is all about coordinating members attacks.

Alliance Wars: Attack Team Composition (continued 1):

2) If you don't have a 30 hero bench, your weak unleveled teams or those 3*s (the ones you're hoarding like a squirrel for the day you may compete in the beginner category of an event) are great for finishing off a lone hero on a defense team. Because the revenge bar does 25% damage rather than a specific amount, lower level heroes take the same proportional damage that a 5* level 80 does. It may take several attacks to take a team down.

Alliance Wars: Attack Team Composition (continued 3):

4) Minions are the one and only defense against the revenge bar (consequently Delilah is a war goddess).

5) Fast kill snipers and tank busting color stacking will result in a faster revenge bar. Both still viable tactics but be aware that less living defenders means more arrows. When you get to the final defender an entire full life attack team will die in 8 moves without healing or minion cover (-25% health every other turn).

Alliance Wars: Attack Team Composition (continued 4):

6) Loot is distributed to the entire team evenly. Everyone either revives winning loot or losing loot. This is significant as it further reinforces teamwork. Don't worry about your individual points. Your best strategy may involve you champions taking on the hardest teams and developing players finishing them off. You either all win or you all lose. Pick your teams and tactics based on what wins for your alliance.

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